Accelerate your organization's information flow and boost operational efficiency for quicker response to market changes and evolving business strategy with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consulting from Sigma Technologies Inc.

Despite process changes, ERP systems remain the foundation upon which business processes are defined, transactions and data are managed, and business is conducted with trading partners. By facilitating the fast, integrated and seamless flow of information, ERP solutions empower organizations to respond to the evolving demands of the marketplace and business strategy. ERP solutions also achieve enterprise-wide integration of customer-facing front-office processes with back-office processes.

Sigma Technologies Inc. can help your organization increase efficiency through ERP solutions including:

  • Business process reengineering
  • Packaged software implementation
  • Enterprise application integration and related techniques
  • Program management
  • Applications development , management , and migration & reengineering
  • Bundled and managed infrastructure solutions

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