The Pharmaceutical Industry faces profound challenges. It must improve the productivity and effectiveness of Research and Development, deliver growth, increase margins, reduce launch timescale's, maintain patent life and introduce new product variants. It must anticipate, assimilate and exploit increasing globalization, deal with mergers and acquisitions, and continue to meet ever-stricter regulatory requirements. Pharmaceutical companies recognize that they must focus on distinctive capabilities and that they need to partner for success.

Sigma Technologies Inc,. helps Pharmaceutical companies to address these issues and to realize their business potential. We provide a complete operational capability from the management of small projects to outsourcing the whole IT service. Our business consulting and technology solutions integrate the virtual Pharmaceutical organization throughout the value chain from Research and Development through supply chains to the patient.

Our approach turns vision into results using a balanced mix of business, technology and operating skills. You capitalize on our Pharmaceutical industry experience - We apply our Total Cost of Ownership approach to deliver demonstrable bottom line results.